We are a solution-driven team that shares common values.

When I formed Carabao Limited in early 2016, my vision was to seek new ways of helping others unlock their potential.

Why Carabao? The name is inspired from my visit to the Philippines, where I saw the animal in a field with the farmer. My wife explained to me how Filipinos see carabaos as faithful partners in life.

The carabao represented exactly the ethos of the team I intended to form – problem-solving experts that would assist you in realising project success.

Our Core Values

We follow through

We deliver what we promise



Our actions define who we are 


Our mindset is simple – Problem? Let us solve it together


We focus on creating KPIs which measure our ongoing effectiveness towards helping our Clients unlock their potential 


We do not believe in passive transactional relationships. 


We work together to help each other succeed


Technical expertise and a refined business model get the job done – but lasting results come from the dynamic collaboration of smart people with a shared vision and values:

We are a culturally diverse, equal opportunities team with many different backgrounds.

We embrace the fact that everyone has different working preferences and different strengths. This allows us to better our working experience for each other.

We aim to create an office atmosphere that encourages personal development through productive and satisfactory work.

We are problem solvers with 5-10+ years of experience who know that the best results stem from effective communication and sharing practices.

Fans of Evidence based Management who believe that employing deeper logic and facts across the board allows us to do our jobs more effectively.

We have a rigorous recruitment process which ensures that anyone joining us embraces our mindset and work ethic.

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